What’s in your makeup bag?

The other day I hit up Target to check out their big closing down sales. I bought this cute leopard print make up bag. I had to go through and clean out my old makeup bag, and thought it would be cool to do a “what’s in your bag” post. 

Only right before I found out I was pregnant did I really “get into” makeup. I mean I always wore make up but just the general day to day stuff (always with a pair of false eyelashes tho! lol)

When I had more time on my hands and I learnt how to do “contour and highlighting”, it opened me up to the fun and impact of makeup.

Since I’m no expert in makeup products or brands, I do my best to research and educate myself on the ones I’ll like, before spending loads of money on a certain name brand. 

I’m looking to find a really good full coverage, matte foundation, and also a product that makes my makeup last longer throughout the day. If you have any suggestions please comment, I would love your help!! 

So here’s what’s in my makeup bag: 


  1. Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Blackest Black
  2. NARS creamy concealer in Custard
  3. NARS contour kit 
  4. L’Oreal Intense Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black
  5. MAC lip liner in Stripdown
  6. Revlon Colorstay eye liner in Black
  7. Almay Intense I-Colour eye shadows in Trio for Blues
  8. Beauty Blender (a must have!!)
  9. Pencil sharpener 
  10. Rimmel London ‘Wake Me Up’ foundation in 201 Classic Beige
  11. Annabelle eyebrow pencil in Universal Medium
  12. Smashbox lipgloss in Posy Pink
  13. Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit 
  14. (NOT PICTURED- because I ran out right before I took this pic) Rimmel London SunShimmer 3in1 shimmering bronzer in Bronze Goddess

Now these are the items I use for my “everyday” make up look. 

I use the NARS contour kit when I’m looking for a softer, quicker contour look & I use the Anastiasia Beverly Hills contour kit when I want a more defined contour look (or whenever I have the time, I prefer to use this kit). 

I like the Almay eye shadow trio, for a quick everyday look because it’s convenient to have all three shades in one case and I can easily bring it with me for touch ups. They are not the most dramatic or best photographed eye shadows but I guess that’s what you get for the price. (Pros and cons lol)

What are your Fav go to products ?! Let me know! I’m always looking for new or better products to try. 


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