Styling by MsFashion&Moore

I recently downloaded the app Polyvore. It’s a social community where you have access to hundreds of items like clothing, makeup and even home decor. Then you pick your favourites and put them into a collage called “sets”.

I have always been interested in styling, but I know it a very hard career to be very successful in (financially) .. But I still love putting outfits together, and Polyvore gives you a HUGE database of items to do just that! 

I am totally addicted ! Now when I have outfit ideas I can easily open the app and put it together! It gives me an outlet to use my creativity, and keep record of outfits I want to re create with my own closet. You can then share your sets with other fashionistas, or on your social media outlets like Pinterest, Instagram, etc. 

if you have Polyvore follow me: msfashionandmoore !! 

Here are a few of my first sets I’ve done πŸ™‚






Leave your comments below and let me know what you think πŸ™‚

Also follow me on Instagram where I will be posting all my future sets! @ms.fashionandmoore  


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