Officially a Fit Girl! 

Hey loves!

Sorry for my late update but as of Monday morning I successfully completed the #FitGirlsGuide #28DayJumpstart!! WooooHooo!!!
Here is my full progress chart:

And as promised, here are my Before&After pics!

I even put my belly piercing bac in!



I am so happy i made the decision to start this guide! Like i tell everyone its NOT A DIET but a GUIDE TO A NEW LIFESTYLE!! I have learnt a lot, and love my body so much more now! This is not the end but just the jumpstart i needed to live a healthier lifestyle. I am still not 100% where i want to be with my body, but i now know how to get there! The HEALTHY & FUN way!! I have to thank my friends, family, @fitgirlsguide & my #fitgirlsisters for constant support & encouragement!! The FitGirl community on Instagram is amazing! You can connect with all the other fit girls, and keep each other motivated!

If any of you have any questions about this guide just comment and ill be happy to help you! Also check out to join the next group challenge starting Mar16th!

And remember to follow me on Instagram! 💞 @ms.fashionandmoore


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