What colour is the dress?

I’m sure you have all heard the heavy debate all over social media about this picture:

It even made it onto the news last night !

It drove me crazy, because when I first saw the picture on Instagram I saw it as white and gold. I hadn’t heard too much hype about it and I thought all the people commenting “blue and black” were crazy.. Little did I know!
The next day I pulled up the EXACT same picture to show my boyfriend and ask him what colour he saw. I was in shock when I pulled it up and it was now blue and black to me! When I asked my boyfriend he said, white and gold!!

When we saw it on the news, we discovered the dress is actually blue and black. Now its bugging me even more since it changed colour for me, and there is no real reason why people are seeing it in different colour combinations.

What colour do you see?


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