Fit Girl 28Day Jumpstart Final Stretch!!

Heyy Dolls!!

This morning I had my weigh in for the end of week 3, of the FitGirlsGuide 28 Day JumpStart. Here is my new progress chart:
I had a couple “off” days this past week, where I really craved some junk food and just wanted to lounge around.. But I didn’t let my laziness get the best of me!
I missed my workout on Friday, so I doubled up my workout on Saturday, and felt great afterwards! I also tricked myself out of binging on candies and junk by preparing healthier snacks.
I am obsessed with frozen grapes now! I stick a few sandwich bags of grapes in the freezer at night and then I have a few go to snacks ready for the next day, whenever I catch a craving. I also cut up fruit and drizzled honey over it as a sweet fruit salad.

Strawberries, apples, bananas, and grapes drizzled with honey

The main thing I kept in mind is not to get down on myself if I miss a workout or give in to a little candy craving. Its all about staying positive, no one is perfect and everyone will have an “off” day. As long as you bounce back even harder after and stay positive and motivated it will all work out!
I’m really happy with my progress I’ve seen in the past three weeks, and I’m excited for the results after this week. I wont call them final results, because this is not the end, it is the continuation of my #FitGirlJourney !!

Check them out on Instagram @fitgirlsguide or their website


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