Baby Yoga?

Yesterday I was told about this lady on you tube doing videos of what she likes to call “Baby Yoga.” Have any of you heard of her? It is causing a lot of controversy.

This lady is literally swinging babies around by one arm, twirling and flipping them. When I watched it I was literally in shock and felt sick. I thought she was using a doll or it was a practical joke.

Worst of all.. People are paying her to teach them how to do it with their babies! Imagine paying someone to teach you how to swing and flip your kid around!

Supposedly it is good for the babies, but I can’t see how. I could never see myself flipping my child or swinging him around with one hand, let alone having some stranger do it!

If you haven’t heard of or seen this yet you can check it out here:

Please let me know your opinions/thoughts !!