February Goals

So of course I felt all productive and on top of my life at the beginning of the new year. I had my goals and resolutions set, then with all the distractions of every day life and motherhood they were quickly put to the back burner.

If you read my resolutions post at the beginning of January, you know my three main goals were: to have a more positive attitude and outlook, to blog more, and finally to stick to my workout plan and eat better.

Of course my first resolution is something that must be worked at everyday. Overall, I have been doing well with this. Honestly, caring less about every little thing and stuff I can’t control has made me feel a lot better emotionally and mentally. February’s update is to keep focusing on the positive in my life.

I have been blogging more so my February update, for this resolution, will be to keep up more in my fashion section of my blog. I don’t go out as much as I used to, since I’m a new mamma, but I will do my best to show you more of my outfits and stylings.

My “keeping fit and eating healthy” resolution has been more of a challenge. I have lost all my baby weight, now I just need to tone up. I also need to eat better.
So for my February update I purchased the “Fit Girl’s Guide” 28 Day Jumpstart program Ebook today. The 28 day challenge starts February 9th, so I have a week to read over the Ebook (which includes meal plans, exercise programs, and much more!), go grocery shopping and get myself educated and prepared to live a healthier lifestyle.
I am the type of person that needs some structure and outside push to stick with a workout routine and eating healthy, so I am hoping this challenge helps!
Check them out at www.fitgirlsguide.com & I’ll update you all on my journey 🙂

How have you been with sticking to your resolutions so far ?