Raising a “mixed” child

I will begin this post by saying I know racism is a touchy subject. This post is based on my opinion, which I am entitled too, just like every one is entitled to think and believe what they want. I do not mean to start any arguments or negativity with this post, it is just how I feel after a situation I experienced the other day.

As a “white girl” born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario I never personally dealt with racism first hand. Although it is a multicultural city, and I was friends with people from all different races, I had heard stories and experiences of racism, from other people, but it never really hit me personally.

The other day I witnessed racial profiling and harrasment. I won’t go into detail of the situation, but it hit me that racism is still, unfortunately, very much apart of our culture. This is something that I am going to have to deal with on a personal level, when raising my son. My son is half English/British & half Nigerian. He will grow up as “mixed” and I know a lot of people just refer to “mixed kids” as “black”. I would never want him to be treated differently and “harrased” because he is part African.

I am proud of who I am and who I am in a relationship, and have a child with, and I will raise my son to be strong, smart, and proud of where he comes from. I just really wish that racial profiling, harassment and racism completely could end.

We have come so far in society and our culture but really not far enough.

What are your feelings, thoughts or opinions on this topic? Leave me a comment.


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