New Year ; New Resolutions

Hey dolls!
I hope your 2015 has had a good start! I am really looking forward to the year ahead.. I have a fresh new outlook and with that, some new resolutions! (That I’m making sure I stick to this year! lol)

My first resolution is to be genuinely happy with my life. Easier said than done, I know! What I mean by this is that I am going to work on having a more positive outlook on life and just focus on the positive things not the negative. I allow myself to overthink things and focus on negative stuff from the past and I need to stop this in order to move forward. I constantly put others ahead of myself, but I have to remember to make myself a priority. Looking and feeling better about myself will in turn make me a better person to other people. Also, I want my son to grow up in a positive environment!
Next, is to blog more. I love checking out other’s sites, and it is a good outlet to blog and interact with all of you. I need to make it a priority to blog everyday, if not than every other day. I love when I read your comments and get to chat with you! I am going to make sure I keep up to date with you all πŸ™‚

Lastly, (because I don’t wanna run this post on too long) I want to stick to my workout routine and healthier lifestyle. While being pregnant I had to kick a lot of bad habits and cut certain things out of my diet. So I am using that as a kick start to a healthier diet and lifestyle. I do not have my pre-pregnancy body fully back (yet!), so I want to keep up with my getting back to my goal weight. I am going to keep you all in the loop with my progress. Hopefully you can give me some motivation ! lol

Wish me luck in sticking to my resolutions! What are some of your New Years Resolutions?


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