Waist Training

   I have wanted to try out this waist training trend for a while now (obviously before I was pregnant!) Since I have had Amare, now I really want to get fit and feel super sexy in my post pregnancy body. I got very lucky and the 40 pounds I gained during my pregnancy was pretty much “all baby”! I have lost about 90% of the weight I gained (wishful thinking, since I haven’t actually stepped on a scale since) but I have a bit of a “pooch”, I call it. lol

   I am still recovering from labour so I can’t go to the gym to start my workout routine, so I ordered a waist trainer yesterday! I can wear it around the house for the next couple weeks to tighten my core and correct my posture (breast feeding hasn’t helped that!) Have any of you tried waist training? What brand did you use?


   I ordered the same waist trainer Kim Kardashian West uses! (Hey if its good for Mrs.West its good enough for me)! This is “The Works” waist trainer, from @pre_shop WaistGangSociety! Check out http://www.whatsawaist.com & follow @premadonna87 on Instagram! I’m super excited for it to get here!!
   I’ll keep updating you all on my progress & my review of this garment =)


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