Happy Anniversary!!

   On November 6th my man & I celebrated our 4 year anniversary! It feels like we have been together longer than 4 years … In a good way! lol
   Like any long term relationship, there have been ups and downs, but I love him more and more every day. I also thank God everyday for the wonderful bundle of joy we created !
   Usually we celebrate by going to dinner at a fancy skyscraper, or go out of town, or some new exciting memory… But of course this year was a bit different. With Amare only being 2 weeks old we couldn’t bring him out to dinner with us, & I don’t want to leave him with someone yet lol
   So instead we ordered in food, hung out at home and just enjoyed each others company and the company of our little boy. It was a nice time….as long as we spend it together it doesn’t matter what were doing!