My little prince has arrived!! … My birth story


October 20th was my due date

I woke up on October 21st (one day after my due date) at 10:30am with contractions. I thought at first I was experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions, but as they came closer together and stronger, I realized I was in labour!! I stayed home all day contemplating when we should leave to go to the hospital. As each contraction came it got more and more real; he was coming!!

Baby A's "going home" outfit arrived right on my due date!! Just in time 😉

   Finally we decided to go to the hospital, we arrived there around 8:30pm. I got examined about an hour later and was told I was already 5cm dilated! (Half way there!) My mom got to the hospital around 10, then it was just a waiting game…

   I wanted to try and go through labor without getting the epidural. Not that I am totally against it, I just really wanted to at least try and experience labor without it. As the hours passed it seemed like I was feeling more and more pain and less progress. I can not even describe the pain I was in, and how exhausted I was. It got to the point that I was falling asleep for about a minute in between contractions, and then just after 4am I felt the most painful contraction and my body was drained. I ended up asking for the epidural. I was 8cm dilated and the epidural allowed me to sleep for a bit. I was woken up by the doctor and she checked me. She could see Baby A’s head and I was ready to push!!

   It took 3 contractions for me to deliver Baby A. I will never forget that moment; my mom on one side of me and my man on the other cheering me on …and the happiness that filled the room at 6:57am when Baby A was born! Its true what they say: it’s all worth it when you hold your baby for the first time. It was as if the 20.5 hours of labour had flown by and it was all a blur.

   What’s your birth story? & what are your thoughts/opinions on getting the epidural?


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