Hello October!


October is my favourite month! For many reasons;
I love the changing of seasons, the leaves changing colour & the “just perfect” temperature where you aren’t too hot or too cold.
Fall Fashion is my fav! I love being able to put together cute outfits with booties, scarfs and cute comfy sweaters. I personally find its the perfect season where you don’t have to wear next to nothing cuz of the heat, or bundle up too much cuz your frozen!
Then of course Football season is in the fall! I love those football sundays where me & BooBoo hang out all day cuddling and watching the football games.
Another reason I love October is that its my birthday month! My 24th Bday is October 16th #LibraSeason !!
Also, Halloween is one of my favourite holidays! I have always loved dressing up! This Halloween will be a bit different since we will have a newborn to dress up, but it will be even more fun for me!!
This October will be even more special to me since it’s the month my little Prince will be born!! I am soo happy we will get to share a birthday month! We will have to Β see if he is a Libra too or ends up being a Scorpio ! My due date is in 2 and a half weeks ! Oct.20th !!Β New exciting beginnings ! I can’t wait to meet you Baby A! ❀

What do you love about the fall season? & what is your fav month of the year?