35 weeks & 3 days pregnant

Yesterday we went for our 35 week prenatal visit and got another ultrasound done. Our little Prince is completely head down now, which I already figured with the constant kicks to my rib cage accompanied by the pain and pressure pushing on my cervix!

We also found out that he weighs 5 pounds 9 ounces; just a bit bigger than average…. great! lol My boyfriend is happy about that, seeing as he himself is a football player and hopes our son comes out ready to hit the field ! I am just happy that everything went well and he is healthy and very active =)

Every day now it just gets more and more real, as my due date approaches. Part of me just wants him to come now so I can hold him and see his little face, butย anotherย part of me will miss carrying him inside me, and I am not gonna lie I think I will miss my baby bump!

It is such a crazy bond you create while going through pregnancy, feeling your little baby grow and move inside you. I will say it again and again this experience was very unexpected but the greatest blessing!

Can’t wait to meet you “Baby A”! xoxo


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