Loved our 3D Ultrasound experience !

I am so happy with our decision to get a 3D Ultrasound done of our little prince! We went to UC Baby. Our package included a 20 minute ultrasound, 2 printed pictures, a USB of all the images taken and the video, and a heart beat bear.

photo 1 (1)   We went back and forth on whether or not we were going to pay for a 3D ultrasound. I spoke with many of my friends and family members and got a lot of mixed opinions about it. A few of my friends said we should do it because its a great memory to have, and a lot of my friends and family members shared their experience as being a negative one. They told me they were disappointed with how much they spent and the type and quality of pictures they got.

We finally decided to just take the risk and go through with the ultrasound. The lady who did our ultrasound was amazing! She explained to us that some times depending on the position of the baby and how far along you are can affect how great the quality of your pictures will be. We got very lucky and got some amazing photos of our little prince, and got to see him being very active, moving his arms and legs, smiling, and even opening his eyes!

I would definitely recommend getting a 3D Ultrasound because it is really an amazing experience to see your little miracle’s face and see him/her moving around before they arrive. Also the pictures and heart beat bear are great memories! We got to choose the bear we wanted, and then they place a recording of the baby’s heartbeat inside; so when you squeeze the bears tummy you hear the heartbeat!

photo 2